Wood grain aromatherapy humidification silent ultrasonic small air humidifier

Size: light wood


  • AROMATHERAPY FUNCTION Are you looking for a beautiful and compact essential oil diffuser for relaxing in the office or for daily use at home? This humidifier emits 7 colorful lights that can change your mood and relieve stress.
  • PURIFYING AIR This humidifier can improve the air and atmospheric quality of your home, mask the smell of pets or smoking, and protect your family from over-dried air, microorganisms, allergies, dust and more!
  • LOW NOISE This cold mist humidifier has a noise reduction design and low operating noise, less than 30dB, making it an ideal choice for comfortable sleep. It will not hinder your rest during use.
  • SECURITY INTELLIGENCE The built-in chip can control the low water level to automatically shut down to protect the machine. The humidifier needs to be connected to USB power. It can be connected to your power bank or laptop, which is very convenient

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