Unicorn travel Mask

Size: Unicorn travel mask Pink


Soft and comfortable, and blocks light well.

- This sleep mask has a silky fabric on the back. It helps you have a better quality sleep. Keeps light out of reach of eyes. Adorable and helps to fall asleep.

- 10.2 x 4.3 inches.

- Perfect for any sleepover, good luck gifts, birthday gift and birthday party favors etc. Fits comfortably with a pleasant scent.

- Very fluffy and furry and pretty colors. A great way to make guests at your house feel special.

- They are ideal for sleeping at a party.

- These sheets are of good material with smooth fabric on the front, satin lining and a satin lined head band. Light weight, satin strap and won't squeeze your head so you won't feel trapped.

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