Smart car electric heating cup, car boiling water cup



  • Suit for 12V Car--1. It is perfect to boil water, to make tea, coffee, oatmeal, milk powder, milk and soak instant noodles, etc. Suitable for all 12V car.
  • Durable--2. This car electric kettle adopts food grade stainless steel and ABS material, which is safe to drink the boiled water, durable with long service life.Best accessory, whether you are a professional driver, office worker, travel or camping, this is very suitable for you.
  • Easy to Use Clean--3. Easy to use and clean, just pour the kettle with water then connect it to the car with the cigarette lighter cable, large diameter easy to clean
  • One‑piece Design--4. Safe to use, one‑piece design, tightly sealed, good sealing performance to keep water warm, and ensures that the drink does not spill over.
  • Temperature Control Adjustment--5. Touch‑screen temperature control adjustment, easy to operate with one key, fast heating without waiting. Non‑slip base design, will not shake when driving.

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