Silicone 4-hole ice ball



  • Ice mold made of food grade silicone, keep your ice safe for drinking. these Ice cubes guarantee safety and durability, which can be used for adult & baby food, Safe for use in the freezer, Oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave.
  • Easy Ice Release & Clean]---he flexible silicone material shapes the bottom well, make it easy to release ice cubes. Smooth silicone surface makes it easy to clean.
  • Stackable & Removable Lid---Comes with a removable lid, keeps ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors. these easy-release trays stack easily and neatly in the freezer without sticking.
  • COMPACT Design--- The compact size allows the space saving storage set to fit nicely in any home refrigerator, RV or dorm mini fridge
  • Tiny Grids--- make quick freezing and fast chilling]--- taking up less time freezing into ice cube and chilling your drink, no more waiting.

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