Gun Massage

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  • T-SHAPED ENGINEERING DESIGN & LONG BATTERY LIFE Massage gun deep tissue percussion muscle massager dual-bearing transmission structure is more outstanding, the body is only 1.75 Ib, the hand feels light, durable anti-slip silicone grip makes the massager easier and comfortable to hold .Massage tools was made of 2000mAh long life battery for stable and efficient output. Massager has ultra-strong heat dissipation function, no crash, it can run for a long time 。
  • 6 MASSAGE HEADS &20 Adjustable Speed Electric back massagers offers 4 customized massager heads and 30 Adjustable Speed provides a professional relaxing massage experience to avoid bone damage. You can customize the settings each massage head and speeds to meet your exact needs.
  • HIGH QUALITY & MULTIFUNCTIONAL MESSAGE GUN percussion massage gun, LED blue light display, independent switch button,Up to 3600 percussions per minute but no more than 40 dB. Deep tissue massage gun can beat muscles to a depth of 12mm,can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, improve the overall health of the body's soft tissues.

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