Wireless Aromatherapy humidifier 100 ml



Wireless humidifier new large capacity USB car office home night light atomizer

product description:

1. Small and exquisite for 5 hours of continuous use in the car, it does not occupy the charging hole, and can be used without plugging in.
Say goodbye to air conditioning discomfort

2. Keep away from dryness and let your cells "saturate with water". Nano mist is better than countless masks. Keep one in your home / car / office to protect yourself and your family.

3. The same humidifier can be unplugged, built-in energy storage battery, can be used wirelessly, and lasting battery life is safer

4. Low-decibel radiation-free, nano-atomization new technology, low-decibel running humidification, quiet healthy little angel, to accompany you every day

5. Colorful atmosphere night light, comfortable sleep LED night light, moisturizing and waiting for you, free color, smart life )

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